The Magic Flute, October 2008, David Bazemore Photo
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Opera Santa Barbara’s Artistic Director Jose Maria Condemi chats with soprano Mihoko Kinoshita, who takes on the title role of ‘Madame Butterfly’ this November.

JMC: As a Japanese-born singer, how do you approach performing one of the Italian repertoire’s key roles, based on a character so close to your own culture?

MK: I think my interpretation of the character is changing; she’s not solely a Japanese character now. My first Cio-Cio-San was at the Santa Margherita Opera Festival in Italy; I created the character to be gentle and quiet – more traditionally Japanese. Then I lived in Italy for more than five years. After a few productions, I really started thinking about the text, which is so important to Italian opera – especially in Puccini’s work! I’m always thinking about the words; this is Italian music with Italian words. I’ve come to consider ‘Butterfly’ an Italian opera first, and a Japanese story second. Read on…